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 halo rpg Rules

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PostSubject: halo rpg Rules   Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:56 pm

First of all I want to say welcome to Halo RPG. There are some basic rules you must follow to play this rpg, and I will be enforcing them. Anyone who dosen't follow the rules will get banned from the website for a certain amount of time depending on what they did. I am not the creator of this website but I am still an administrator. I will try to be fair.
The rules are as followed:

No godmodding
Respect levels
respect shields and life bars( found in your profile)
do not enter restricted areas
you may apply for as many characters as you want.
it is prohibited to attack your own characters to level up
respect authority(admins and moderators)
pvp battels are to be groupped by levels. ex. lv.1-3 together lv.4-6 together and so on
there are no pvp battels within own species unless in species pvp section (pvp= player vs player)
After making a character application you must join a group.

happy RPGing
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halo rpg Rules
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